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Empower Your Sales Team to Win with Strategic Guidance

We help you align your teams, processes, and technology with the right go-to-market strategy to deliver sustained business growth.

Current Sales Audit

Our sales and marketing consultants identify points of leverage where improvements will bring the biggest results. This 3-week exercise reveals the areas of improvement and helps us make recommendations to progress toward your revenue goals quickly. The audit covers the full cycle of your customer interactions, from marketing to sales and customer service.

Deliverables of Sales Organization Audit Include:

  • Brief report about key findings

  • A detailed description of improvement areas and recommendations

  • ROI Assessment (available if the partner agrees to share financial details)

  • Scorecard against the predefined KPIs

Current Sales Audit

Sales Ops Optimization

Sales Operations Optimization starts from understanding your business model and its alignment with your sales and marketing GTM strategies. Our consultants go over your KPI scorecard and compare it to the industry benchmarks. Based on the gathered information and insight we determine the actions required to take your sales capabilities to the next level.

Sales Operations Optimization Deliverables Include:

  • Sales and marketing Go-to-Market definitions

  • Sales channel analysis and customer journey optimization

  • Salesforce or HubSpot CRM implementation, integration, and customization

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator adoption and outreach scripting

  • Introduction of best practice reports and dashboards

  • Improved forecasting capabilities

  • Introduction of sales KPIs

  • Lead generation analysis

  • Email scripting

  • Content review and optimization to match the “StoryBrand” framework

  • Documentation flow optimization

Sales Ops Optimization

Sales Training and Coaching

Sales training and coaching sessions are designed to help your sales team perform efficiently and increase lead conversion rate.

The training and coaching sessions concentrate on the following topics:

1. Customer Discovery:

We will help your sales team to become an expert in customer discovery using Salesforce's discovery process and following guidelines from the Gap Selling methodology.


After the training sessions, your sales reps will be able to effectively identify the gaps your potential customers want to close and highlight the benefits that closing those gaps would bring to their business. They will be able to easily showcase how your customers' success is aligned with the products or services you offer.

2. Sales Demo:
Our experts will help your sales team to design a kick-ass sales demo for the products or services your business offers. The demos will become a turning point where your sales team creates the ground for lead conversion.

3. Communication:
We will share the best practices for online and on-site communication with your potential customers. Our consultants will help you create a sales playbook with tips on how to manage objections and resolve problems through effective communication.

4. Tools and Technology:
After the Implementation of a CRM system like Salesforce or HubSpot, our consultants will conduct training sessions for your sales and marketing teams so they can get the most out of that tools. The training will include both the technical details and best practices.

​Sales Training and Coaching

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